By Lucy Lu | 17 May 2021 | 0 Comments

6 Steps For Rhinestone Stretch Bracelet Production

6 Steps For Rhinestone Stretch Bracelet Production
Every customer know the rhinestone elastic bracelet is the star product of our factory. We have professional machines and technicians to produce this product, which are sold all over the world with very competitive prices. Today, Let me share the production process with all of you.
There are total 6 steps for rhinestone stretch bracelet.
Step 1: Welding the claw chain to different rows by professional machine
Step 2: Manually put the rubber band into the bracelet without rhinestones
Step 3: Press the rhinestones into the elastic bracelet

Step 4: send rhinestone bracelets to plating factories
Step 5: Quality inspection, manual re-drilling for the bracelet that has lost the rhinestones

Step 6: Packaging

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