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Wedding Jewelry--The Application of "Mosaic Technology"


From the market point of view, global wedding jewellers accounted for the highest sales share, reaching 49%. It can be seen that ethnic customs and cultural literacy as well as the influence of people's inherent thinking are the main factors in the jewelry wedding market. It is also an important area and sector of the future jewelry market. When it comes to the inlay craftsmanship of wedding ring jewelry, it will naturally associate with diamonds, which symbolizes invincible love. As well as the shining moments in a woman's life, more new inlay techniques and designs will have new selling points and market trends. For example, the reel beads create a retro feel, and the vine craft design shows the feminine femininity.

Vine winding detail inlay

As a soft plant that needs to grow, vines are one of the common decorating elements in weddings. The wall is like the branches and vines that grow naturally, like the love that grows freely, only increasing. It is decorated with two extremely delicate small diamonds between the branches and the classic four-claw inlay, highlighting the sparkle. The immortal energy and the natural atmosphere of the jungle are perfectly blended, as if you are transformed into a jungle elf. Exquisiteness and sweetness are bursting with the design of vines entangled and inlaid to open a new market model.

Bridage Ring

It is no longer a single wall, but a double wall set with diamonds to modify the brilliance of the main diamond. With double-row pavé setting, from a visual point of view, the effect of magnifying the diamond is a point that other setting methods cannot achieve. The double-row design also increases the difficulty of manual inlay. The design is also more novel. The forced setting is simpler than the pavé setting, which can better protect the waist of the diamond, so while being stable, the appearance will be more beautiful and generous.

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